Something’s aren’t meant to forget
Like you
Or your lips
And those sweet kisses you give
I miss everything about you
Especially the energy you bring to our personal grooves
You’re everything my life’s missing
Even though I’ve experienced you
But you swear you can’t be in it
I’ll take your word for it
Since my love can’t find you
Time after time
While it searches your eyes, smile, heart and body
I’ll give you your time if that’s what you think you need
Just remember it’s me thats worried about you forgetting me…

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Service Saturday. How are you spending your Saturday morning? #VoteBellToTheThrone Thursday, April 10th, in the student union. All you need is your ID. @aylathe85th
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@_mr44 supporting
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The weather is showing us no consistency! April 10th! Student union. Student ID! Invest in yourself, the student body, and the University. #votebelltothethrone
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In case you missed Fresh talk with Freshman, come out tomorrow and get to know your prospective 85th Miss University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff. 😘 see you there
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Look who stopped by the union! She’s waiting for pictures with all her supporters! Stop by today and see what she’s saying, literally! Can you tell which is which? @aylathe85th #voteBelltothethrone
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One of my favorite photos from tonight! When God blossomed the desire for me to run for the thrown of The 85th Miss university of Arkansas at Pine Bluff, I told him only if I could do it by glorifying Him. So, I had no problem leading us in prayer. If there is one thing all of the contestants share, the belief and power of our Heavenly Father. Thank you to EVERYONE who viewed, participated, and helped with the showcase. My highest position is and will forever be at His feet. 😘 special thanks to my personal photographer for the night @mostvaluedpearl ! Xoxo @aylathe85th ✊
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Come see who you’re investing your vote in tonight at Showcase at 7pm in the Fine arts. @aylathe85th
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Divine things are in the make at UAPB follow me to the thrown! @aylathe85th
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I love rollers